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Leaping Dancer

"Teagan is in a league of her own, she radiates such positivity and uplifting energy to create a supportive, compassionate and constructive environment. She shares her depths of knowledge and experience in all aspects of life and performing in an understandable and attainable way that has guided and nurtured me to evolve greatly in myself and my performance."


Mother and Daughter Love

"It was very hard for me to find a coach like you; who is kind, friendly and caring. My daughter has improved so much in her mindset, through safe training and personalised techniques. It has been such a privilege to work with you. In the past few months I have realised that it’s not only the physical training that has improved, but also her mental health, happiness and much more. My daughter enjoys every minute with you over zoom and wants more. It is so comforting to see my daughter grow safely in your hands. Through your guidance she is becoming more self disciplined and confident day by day. Thank you Teagan for this opportunity. We always wanted to write something to say how thankful we are."

Parent of a client (Parent/child session)

Ballet Dancers

"Thank you so much Teagan. Thank you for pushing me, being kind and making me laugh too. I enjoy working together and working hard to achieve my performance goals. I’m so motivated when I’m with you and always leave our zoom sessions feeling happier and more confident. I appreciated all your knowledge, kindness and everything you do for me. It is a priviledge to work with you Teagan."


Testimonials: Testimonials

Our daughter has been working with Teagan for over 1 year, her coaching has helped our daughter become more confident in her performance and training.

We found Teagan’s performance and career guidance to be extremely beneficial to our daughter who is currently training in a full-time ballet institution.


Teagan has taught our daughter how to be a strong dancer physically, mentally and emotionally.


I would highly recommend Teagan’s mentoring and coaching to anyone with a child wishing to pursue a career in elite performance. 

Parent of a Client 

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